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Social Monitoring

The dynamic landscape of social media continues to be of great importance to companies. Arguably one of the most critical channels, our solutions provide valuable insight to clients so to maximize strategy and provide the best customer experience possible.

SP Express's Social Monitoring service helps our clients better understand the social landscape and helps them to maximize the value of this channel of communication.  Using industry-specific technology, our customer care representatives scan the internet to continuously monitor for relevant web dialogues.  Representatives identify the dialogues, categorize the communications, determine sentiment levels, and can engage the consumers to further assist them.

Supported with a suite of summary and detailed analytics, Social Monitoring brings valuable insight to our clients with our representatives as their eyes and ears on the internet, freeing up valuable internal resources and time to focus on targeting a social marketing strategy.

In addition to Social Monitoring, SP Express can also manage your website’s online literature requests, retailer locators, eCommerce or team stores, click and chat, or contact-us requests.  If you wish, we can handle all the details including design, development, maintenance, and storage of these web solutions on our secure servers and present seamlessly as a part of your website.


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