Retail Distribution Services

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Distribution Center Automation

Our Warehouse Management System (WMS) forms the centerpiece of our distribution centers. Every item in the distribution center is tracked and controlled in real time—from the moment it is received, until the moment it ships— using barcoded License Plate Identification. Receiving, Putaway, Inventory Management, Order Picking, Quality Control, and Shipping are all automated through the WMS, so that we can deliver the speed, accuracy, and efficiency necessary to properly handle your products and needs.

The WMS functionality is complimented by other equipment such as wireless Radio Frequency (RF) hand-held and wrist-mounted devices, which allow scanning for proper identification and rapid recognition of items and locations. Highly specialized manifesting software allows us to ship via multiple carriers and classes, as well as sort outbound shipments using a variety of criteria. The WMS also allows us to use a host of configurations and picking methods to tailor operations for our clients.

Inventory Management

Because SP Express employs a dedicated real-time WMS in each of its Distribution Centers, clients can always see inventory status. Using our integrated tools, clients drill down to each item to learn its availability, how much of it is allocated to orders, how much is already picked and staged.

To prevent unplanned backorder situations, the use of barcoded unique license plate identification ensures that the inventory information you are using is what it truly available. SP Express creates customizable reports using order, inventory and shipping data, providing timely and critical information clients need to operate successfully.

Reporting Systems

SP Express clients can rely on a dedicated team of IT professionals issuing daily operational reports. Tailored to fit our clients' needs:

  • 24/7 access
  • Inventory overview
  • Order Management
  • Order status
  • Inventory allocation
  • Shipment Tracking

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