SP Express Announces Partnership with ChannelCode

Phoenix, AZ – April 15, 2015

SP Express, a leading national provider of logistics and order fulfillment services for merchants, is pleased to announce a new partnership with ChannelCode. The partnership allows SP Express to offer a full suite of omni-channel marketplace management solutions for retailers seeking to broaden and diversify their online sales.

ChannelCode brings a proven track record of serving national and international brands with brand reputation management, listing optimization, and order management on the front end, to support SP Express’s industry-leading order fulfillment and returns processing offerings on the back end. The partnership enables SP Express to offer clients a more complete selection of top-tier marketplace solutions.

“We help large sellers establish their online presence across multiple channels,” says Brian Crowder, Director of Marketing Services at ChannelCode. “From optimizing their listings for each platform, to holding resellers accountable to MAP, we put our clients in control of their selling environment.”
“We’re proud to partner with such a strong team of experienced marketplace experts,” says Mich Bayley, CEO of SP Express. “Their track record of managing brands across multiple online channels is a great match for our fulfillment expertise and national footprint. We now provide clients with a seamless, quick, and easy end-to-end marketplace and fulfillment solution.”

About ChannelCode

ChannelCode provides complete marketplace management solutions for brands and sellers across multiple online channels. ChannelCode’s focused marketplace solutions empower sellers to take control of their brands and stabilize multichannel revenue. Their offerings include brand protection, listing optimization, inventory management, eCommerce integrations, and live pricing audits. For more information, visit www.channelcode.net.

About SP Express:

SP Express is a leading national provider of third-party logistics and order fulfillment services for a broad spectrum of businesses across multiple channels and industries. With a network of strategically located and modern warehouse and distribution facilities nationwide, and a sophisticated suite of complementary service capabilities, SP Express maximizes cross-channel efficiencies to deliver a seamless customer experience.  For more information, visit www.spexpress.comcontact us online, or call 866-773-7363.