This team knows commerce.


The SP Express senior management team is comprised of proven leaders who bring our organization strength through expertise. 250 years of shared industry-specific experience separates our leadership team from the norm. 

CEO / President
Mich Bayley

Mich Bayley is a finance executive with 25 years of experience in business ownership and operation. Mich has led SP Express through consistent growth and expanded service offering since its inception in 2002.

Executive Vice President of Finance & Administration
Violet McDowell

Violet McDowell brings over 15 years of experience in accounting and finance. Violet oversees the accounting functions for SP Express including internal and external financial and management reporting, corporate accounting, internal controls, and support of the corporate financial planning and analysis functions. 

Vice President of Finance
Daniel Galassi

Daniel Galassi has nearly 20 years of experience managing financial operations for national business entities, and over 10 years of service to SP Express. His role internally is to ensure SP Express's approach to support services is fiscally balanced and customer focused.