Inbound & Outbound
Contact Center Support 



More than 90% of the time, our CSRs supply needed information or resolve problems on the first contact. We support every communication channel, increasing your opportunity to talk to a customer using their preferred method.

This high rate of success comes in part from the online knowledge base we develop collaboratively with each client and the extra training that our representatives receive. The result is improved customer acquisition and improved customer retention.

Support a broad range of customer care and pre-sale inquiries 24/7/365 including:

  • Where-to-buy inquiries
  • Product usage questions 
  • Calls that need escalated special handling
  • Technical support 
  • E-commerce support
  • Complaint resolution 
  • Subscription requests 
  • Rebate processing
  • Product recall management
  • Product return authorizations
  • Literature/coupon requests

SP Express utilizes shared and dedicated agent staff models based upon the complexity and volume of our clients' contacts. We will implement a team of experienced agents that provides both efficient and high quality service.


We handle a broad range lead generation and lead qualification projects, such as:

  • Speaking with database contacts to update budget and purchase intent/timeframe, removing obsolete names, and more

  • Lead Management: Qualifying and Nurturing leads from prospect to sale through a series of contacts (calls, emails, direct mail), help your sales force focus on truly ‘hot’ leads and leave the sales process in our hands.
  • Customer satisfaction surveys with call, web and/or email components
  • Mystery shopping calls, in which we call your retailers or dealers and pose as a potential customer in order to assess their handling of your prospects or their compliance with procedure.
  • Contacting purchased names or trade show “fish bowl” names to add the data points that determine the quality of the lead
  • Sales Conversion Study: “Did you buy” survey, in which people are asked questions such as, “Did you visit the dealer we referred you to?  Did you buy the product?  If you didn’t buy, why not?”
  • Setting appointments
  • Increasing trade show or seminar attendance
  • Making sales