Books, Music and DVD Fulfillment


We understand the needs of media and publishing organizations in today’s marketplace.  Consumers and distributors, alike, present regular challenges.  Our systems and personnel are accustomed to handling both direct-to-consumer orders as well as large, business-to-business, retail orders. 

SP Express's media and publishing clients with individual parcel orders can ship using the U.S Postal Service, which provides discounted residential shipping via Media Mail, Bound Printed Matter and Parcel Select.  In addition, we also can provide significant shipping discounts with the major carriers like FedEx and UPS, as well as national LTL carriers for time-sensitive shipping both domestically and internationally. 



  • Warehousing with temperature controlled storage
  • Order management and processing
  • Crossdocking and transloading
  • Order fulfillment with 24 hour or less turnaround
  • Kitting and repackaging
  • Reverse logistics with returns and refurbishment
  • Literature, catalog and premium fulfillment
  • Retail order fulfillment with retail prep and/or repackaging
  • Low-cost and proprietary parcel and freight shipping options
  • Inventory management with stock recommendations based on usage
  • Expedited delivery - both domestic and international
  • Routing guide expertise and label printing