The Corrugate Market & Box Prices

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Lumi knows a lot about packaging. Their success in branded boxes, and how best to get your money's worth out of a corrugate order, are just a couple of the reasons that keep us listening to their insights. In a recent blog post, Lumi shares some details about the market's rollercoaster effects on pricing your boxes. 

When you buy boxes, you’re dealing with a product that is very close to a raw resource — paper pulp. That’s why box prices can behave similarly to other products like gasoline which are close to the raw material...Most corrugated boxes are made out of recycled material. In fact, 47% of the average corrugate box is recycled material. In 2015, an impressive 92.9% of corrugated cardboard produced was recovered for recycling.

The paper industry calls these collected boxes Old Corrugated Containers, or OCC for short. OCC are broken down and turned into linerboard — the paper used to make corrugated board, which is then turned into boxes. The downside of such a sustainable process is that each piece is wholly dependent on the others. When something throws off the status quo, everything shifts.

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