The Perfect Customer Order?

 Sales channels are everywhere.

Sales channels are everywhere.

Allison Manetakis of Oracle, writing about optimizing merchant cost and efficiency for

Where does the perfect order begin? With a single, centralized order management solution that holds all information from the order management process, including order, sourcing, payments and fulfillment. A centralized solution also spans all channels of sales operations so it doesn’t matter where an order originates.

The premise here is solid—it stands to reason that a single touch point for data can make order flow and order responsiveness smoother for both customer and operator. What shores up this idea, though, is the following statement that demands well-trained human teams on the ground in service of the larger commercial infrastructure.

 Warehouse and fulfillment team needed.

Warehouse and fulfillment team needed.

All fulfillment channels have access to all information so the organization can appropriately allocate inventory based on stock levels, demand requirements and timing. For the customer, it’s the seamless experience they’ve come to expect.

Search for a "Perfect" order can also include a search for effective time-to-ship, and time-in-transit. Software and integration technologies are making the world of commerce faster, and better from the inside out, but any merchants, or service providers to the retail industry also should demand this effectiveness from their physical infrastructure. The fastest growing retailers have implemented multiple distributions centers to accommodate speedier delivery times, and automation and product tracking technologies are being built into fulfillment centers more every day.

So, it's not just the software, gathering big data, that merchants need to survive. It's a holistic order fulfillment approach which will separate them from their competition.

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