4 Key Reasons to Integrate Ecommerce and Fulfillment

Hundreds of billions are spent using eCommerce each year, and those billions continue to increase. But you may be missing out on this growth if your sliver of the eCommerce pie is limited by antiquated technologies, or underdeveloped integrations between your logistics backend and your shopping cart front end.

It is crucial for any online product sellers to ensure a seamless flow of sales and customer activity data between storefronts and fulfillment systems.

Here are 4 key reasons to integrate ecommerce and fulfillment with current technologies:

ecommerce fulfillment solutions

1) Inventory Accuracy

Nothing can be more devastating to the momentum of a sales effort than the shock of unexpected inventory depletion. Integrating your sales channel(s) directly with your fulfillment systems will allow for real-time data sharing, preventing overselling of precious stock.

2) Information Transparency

Taking a customer's credit card info, phone number and home address is a big responsibility. They've given you their trust, and now you must make them feel comfortable and well taken care of. With a clean integration between ecommerce and order fulfillment, every customer can see the process of delivery unfolding before them. The right integration means your responsiveness can be in the spotlight, rather than hidden behind some digital curtain. 

3) Improved Responsiveness

The increased speed of data that comes with a direct integration between fulfillment and ecommerce systems benefits both sides of the connection. Fulfillment teams are able to respond more quickly to order demands with clearer expectations, and product sellers are able to know exactly where an order is in the process of being fulfilled. Both parties are able to make better decisions with faster access to real-time data.

4) Automated Notifications

Order confirmations, Shipping confirmations, Tracking Information and other valuable customer communications are often built-in features of major ecommerce platforms, but they require the cooperation and data provided by order fulfillment systems. Automate your customer interaction during the order cycle with a clean integration between your ecommerce platform and your fulfillment backend.

SP Express offers its customers a sophisticated integration solution capable of connecting our warehouse management systems with virtually all ecommerce platforms (Shopify, Bigcommerce, Magento, etc.), and marketplaces (Amazon, ebay, Walmart.com, etc.).