Before You Ship: Choose the Right Packaging

Custom packaging experts, Packlane, break down the process of selecting the ideal packaging for your product.

Besides a killer design that says: do not ignore me, I was made for you, product packaging needs to be able to travel from A to B with minimal damage and just as importantly, with ease. If your product is bulky or fragile, you will need to focus on materials that are specifically designed for strength. 

The essential strengths of eCommerce are the powers we've given our customers—the powers to skip over middle men. To remove the hassle of personal travel and crowd navigation at traditional brick and mortar.

Creating a solid, memorable buying experience is the beginning of your direct-to-consumer online transaction, but when presented the opportunity to instill your product's delivery with a similarly memorable, branded flourish, one should never pass it up.

But, before putting brand before logic, consider the following.

You wouldn’t want to live in a home made out of cheese (just think about the smell in the summer, oh the humanity); you wouldn’t want your beloved product to be housed in the wrong material either. Just let that sink in. 

Shipping packages is a challenging, physical, efficiency driven endeavor. Boxes get scraped, splashed, crushed. Keep that product's journey in mind with respect to your customers' end goals.

Creating a memorable, yet responsible delivery solution for your products is the balance you're looking for. With planned, practiced order fulfillment workflows and product-conscious packaging, your customers will be sure to appreciate your attention to detail, as well as your consideration for the realities of the product distribution environment.

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