Right Now, Omnichannel Presence is Fundamental to Success

 Beautifully done.

Beautifully done.

There was a time when a retail store would stay in business because of its location and simple word of mouth.

There were far fewer competitors and ways for customers to learn details about a particular product. This has changed as more and more customers become digitally savvy. Today's empowered customer can access information and obtain services and products through a variety of platforms, and it's up to businesses to appeal to as many of these channels as possible to generate revenue. Here are several channels that must be considered:


Although customers might look into a product online, many of them still want to see that product firsthand, or don't want to wait for it to be shipped. Traditional retail store traffic is still growing, and more shoppers than ever rely on physical locations as pickup destinations for products purchased. Getting your product in brick and mortar stores brings legitimacy to your product and can get it in the hands of the consumer in the quickest fashion possible.


Many customers are bypassing shopping at brick and mortar stores to shop online. The conveniences afforded through online shopping can be great, especially around the holidays when the last place many people want to be is a crowded store. By optimizing your marketplace for the web and mobile, then creating and/or improving a strong data connection with your fulfillment operation, you can position your business to take advantage of the rise of e-commerce.


As many Amazon, or eBay sellers will tell you, the obstacles to success on the the web's top marketplaces can be overwhelming. However, those willing to persist are granted access to what are arguably the best online shopping audiences. Greater numbers of visitors and broader and more accommodating search capability create an environment of high competition, and —thanks to updates in customer review technology and commenting features— a kind of meritocracy. So, if you are determined to put your product in front of as many potential buyers as possible, and your product is among the best, you can find success in this channel.


Another revenue-generating channel that should certainly be used is social media. There are a variety of platforms to consider, depending on your type of business and target customer, but your profile should be updated constantly to create a community of active participants and generate brand loyalty. It's easy to sell on social, too. Twitter Cards work. And, for example, Shopify's 'BUY BUTTONS' are beautifully designed snippets that can be shared anywhere and create a direct link for your customers to add products to their carts.


Not sure where to get started with creating an omni-channel presence or looking to take full advantage of the steps you've already made to increase your exposure? The experts at SP Express can help you best utilize the channels available to you to ensure you're attracting your target customer. Whether that means getting you into more brick and mortar stores, optimizing your e-commerce marketplace, or taking advantage of group deals to appeal to a larger customer base, we can help you find your best omni-channel presence possible.