Plan Ahead to Beat Rising Shipping Costs

Projecting a highly successful 2016 holiday season, major shipping companies are already announcing increased shipping rates. 

As we've previously discussed, eCommerce sales for Q4 2015 outstripped even optimistic forecasts, and both UPS and FedEx succeeded in improving on their on-time track record over the previous year. The Street reports that FedEx is increasing more than just its standard shipping rates and fuel surcharges. The shipper has also nearly doubled rates on items over 12' long to avoid delivery problems experienced the previous year.

The shipper plans to make up t on competition in 2017 by increasing rates charged to customers, and UPS has already posted new rates for 2017, with an average increase of 4.9%.

The good news is that most retailers can beat rising shipping rates. With the right planning and partners, merchants can leverage volume, shipping zones, and customer expectations to significantly reduce costs and increase profits. Here's our collection of blog posts about shipping—read up to begin beating rising shipping costs.