How Social Contact Centers Protect Revenue

 Field complaints quickly, for less.

Field complaints quickly, for less.

Many of us have had that "bad, horrible, awful, infuriating" customer service experience. Whether at a local shop, big box retail chain, or even online. But, it's likely that we've also had an excellent one.

If your experience was within the last few years, you probably dealt with some element of positive social media contact. Evolved businesses hold up social media interaction as the standard (but still only 3% of activity, according to Salesforce) for how to mitigate loss, and as a practice for how all customer experiences should happen. When your customers are unhappy(social media accounts fielded 879 Million complaints in 2014), you can address it directly and openly, with maximum upside. 

respond quickly

Social contact centers—customer care teams empowered to interact with consumers via social networks like Facebook and Twitter—make this level of customer service a reality. For instance, if your audience is active on Twitter,  you'll want to communicate with customers through direct, private methods, personalizing the experience that individual has with your brand, and encouraging feedback and positivity around each buying experience. 

Sometimes customers are upset with good reason. Mistakes are made, and resolutions must be provided. Social contact centers afford brands the frontline position of being able to field complaints with speed and professionalism; lightening the load of email and phone support, and making the process of responding to customers' needs more casual. Done well, this always-on methodology also affords brands the opportunity to upsell.

Each interaction, whether instigated by good or bad news, is an opportunity to inform customers of new products, better services, and other opportunities to re-engage with your business. Hearing what customers have to say in a moment, directly, helps you better understand your customers—it also creates moments where you can provide value.

Social responsiveness saves money, too. Activities performed by successful social contact centers alleviate the pain of directing customers through more costly, more formal phone-based customer service programs. Phones are still the method of response to at least 60% of customer service requests. But, with 140 characters, a question or comment can be fielded on your company's terms, and reduce the time and risk of heavy-handed responses.

Engaging with your customers is a full-time job that can be done well, and performed with the goal of protecting both your brand and bottom line. If you're ready to begin this process for your brand, contact us.

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