SP Express | Smart eCommerce, logistics and customer care for thriving brands.
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Our order fulfillment division offers a vast array of services designed to stay one step ahead of the game. We know how challenging business can be, so let us take the hassle out of it with our state-of-the-art systems.


Trained to know your products and trusted to support your brand, our Customer Care team stands ready to provide you and your customers timely, professional support throughout the entirety of the customer life cycle.


SP Express maintains warehouse facilities in multiple locations on both coasts, as well as internationally, thereby minimizing freight and distribution costs as well as transit times for our clients’ customer orders.


SP Express gives clients access to detailed real-time inventory data, order status, product receipt, and custom reports.



In today’s market it is crucial to be relevant not only in retail operations, but the eCommerce world as well. With experience in over 100+ online marketplaces, let SP Express expand your sales channels.


Daily deal sites are quickly becoming a large part of the consumer market. Whether you are a frequent seller or just looking to sell off some extra product, let SP Express guide you through the process.


From Shopify to Magento and everything in between, SP Express is more than ready to get your business set up to start selling immediately. Find out more about our E-Commerce solutions for our SPE clients.


Working with big box stores isn’t an easy task. They have very specific vendor compliance requirements that differ from retailer to retailer. Let SP Express guide you through the complex requirements of retail distribution.


International Shipping Solutions

SP Express clients can expect to save up to 6% on international shipping to Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Western Europe, when starting a new fulfillment account. For many clients, cost reduction potential can be measured in thousands of dollars a month.

Merchandise and Print

SP Express is proud to outfit fans and ambassadors of major brands with custom printed apparel and promotional items. Our merchandising team offers personalization on thousands of products, all integrated with custom Ecommerce stores and fulfillment.

Kitting and Assembly

Trained and managed operations teams kit, sort and package products for a wide range of industries and applications across our nationwide facilities. Labor-intensive product preparation is our specialty, and delicate, intricate handwork is welcome.

ChannelCode Marketplace Management

Protect your brand and your revenue. Let us optimize your product listings with intelligent, data-driven marketing. SP Express infrastructure and product distribution expertise combine with a leading edge marketplace management solution. We call it ChannelCode.

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